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Food is Medicine

Nutrition is the foundation of health for both people and their pets! 

We have overlooked what we feed our pets everyday as being the most powerful part of their health for too long. For better or for worse, pets are what they eat.





To help you better understand your pet's nutritional needs.



Learn how to make your pet's food at home with a custom recipe.



Learn how to use food as medicine to alleviate disease and disorders.


Feeding  your pet the right diet now can help prevent disease later.



The right supplements can help address certain imbalances.



Locally Owned

& Operated

About Us

We believe that a fresh food diet, made in your own kitchen, is the most nutritious way to feed the whole family; including the four-legged members! But, how do you make sure you're giving your pet everything his or her body requires in the correct amounts and ratios? It is our mission to provide the how, by offering easy, affordable, and balanced recipes based on your pet's specific needs, so your furry family member can thrive and live a long & happy life with you!

Our Philosophy

Our nutrition philosophy is one that looks at the whole animal and "brings them back to nature" as much as possible. This includes not only a fresh  food diet, but also awareness of lifestyle, knowledge of disease prevention, and the use of holistic therapies. We work closely with many Portland veterinarians, animal chiropractors and acupuncturists to form a healing team that addresses the needs of each individual dog and cat.

About our Nutritionist

A native Oregonian, Heather Macfarlane is a veteran pet food specialist with over 25 years experience in dog and cat nutrition and health. She was trained by the Portland pioneers of holistic veterinary medicine and also worked as Veterinary Technician and Herbal Pharmacist while honing the art of using natural remedies such as homeopathy and natural diets for dogs and cats. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Warner Pacific College and her motivation to continue learning about complementary veterinary therapies has expanded her knowledge of the animal body as a whole. 

Disclaimer: Heather Macfarlane is not a licensed veterinarian.  She provides non-veterinary nutritional advice only. Information and recommendations provided are not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian.

After eight years of formulating nutrition plans in her clients' homes, Heather is now available at WILD Pet Provisions for appointments. WILD is located in the beautiful Portland neighborhood of Alameda. Home visits and phone consultations are also still available.
Please visit WILD's website for more information and to stay updated!
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Appointments for customized Nutrition Plans at WILD Pet Provisions.  WILD is Oregon's first & only pet nutrition center providing nutrition consultations as well as natural supplies and groceries for dogs and cats. 

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